ESdat Server Upgrades

The following are Upgrades to ESdat Server. An upgrade fee applies.

Laboratory Initiated Upload

The Laboratory Initiated Upload means laboratory reports are automatically uploaded by the lab directly into the users ESdat system. ESdat users simply receive an email with a link to review the laboratory report directly in the ESdat Web Interface. The laboratory report can also be viewed in ESdat Desktop (if Licenced) as both interfaces access the same data.

The Laboratory Initiated Upload includes sophisticated error checking, management of ChemCodes, and in the case of an error a sophisticated report is automatically emailed back to the laboratory as well as to ESdat users. It takes the user out of the process of loading laboratory reports into the system which means more consistent import of laboratory results; time savings both in completing the import and resolving issues due to inconsistent user proceedures; and management can immediately review the report in the Web interface by clicking on an email without waiting for other staff to complete the import.

The Lab Initiated Upload is included with SaaS usage of ESdat Online.

ESdat Data Services

ESdat Data Webservice provides a passive webservice interface for the exchange (uploading or retrieval) of data between ESdat and other systems.

The ESdat Data Webservice exposes ESdat data related to Chemistry Results, Groundwater Depths, and Logger Data. The ESdat Data Webservice supports upload of Logger Data via a webservice.

Typically the ESdat Data Webservice would be integrated with another Webservice that for other system to be integrated. EScIS can provide assistance with a Webservice for the other system on a consulting basis if required.

ESdat WFS (Web Feature Services)

The ESdat WFS Service exposes ESdat data in the Open Geoscience Consortium (OGC) Web Feature Service (WFS) format.

The ESdat WFS Service provides the following ESdat data types as WFS layers:

  • Locations
  • Boreholes
  • Chemistry Samples
  • Water Depths

Additional layers can be added as required, on a consulting basis.

ESdat Change Tracker

Tracks all edits and deletions made to the ESdat database, along with the User, Date/Time, Old Value.

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