How is ESdat different from other environmental data systems?

Designed for a scientific / engineering user base

Many environmental database systems have been developed over the decades, some fairly successfully, mostly however they require a degree in IT to really get the most out of them. 

ESdat is designed so that users who have a scientific or engineering background will find the software intuitive, and are best positioned to use the software to it's full potential, without the need for extensive training. 

Analysis focused

ESdat is not a system where you select the data you want, dump it to Excel, and start cutting and pasting.  ESdat allows you to interactively filter and view your data in usable formats, as tables, graphs, or on a map.  The ability to analyze the data on an ad-hoc basis is central to the software.


ESdat comes with a standard "core" data structure.  However, users are free to add their own data columns to existing tables, or their own additional tables to the database.  Users can also create their own data "views" or "queries" incorporating their own logic and calculations and analyze these in ESdat just like they do the standard ones.

ESdat is designed to capture most of what people will ever want, and be customizable to capture anything a bit different.  This allows ESdat to avoid undue complexity in the "standard" deployment, while meeting the specific needs of all users.


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