LSPECS: Lab Sample Planning, electronic Chain of Custody and Signoff

Submitting laboratory requests has traditionally been a paper-based operation.  This has traditionally lead to problems in managing large volumes of laboratory data, including: 

  • There is often no backup of these notes if they get lost or waterlogged
  • Paper is difficult to use in adverse weather conditions
  • Typographic errors during laboratory sample receipt are common.
  • Correction of typographic errors is time consuming for the lab, and their clients.
  • Reconciling laboratory results against QA samples from the field notebook is often a bottleneck.
  • No automated way to identify inconsistencies between the request and the lab data delivered.

The LSpecs extension for ESdat is designed capture and manage all this information electronically, and overcome the above problems.  The integrated system provides a complete electronic record of data. 

LSPECS: Lab Sample Planning, Electronic Chain of Custody

Electronic COC requires the LSpecs extension for ESdat.

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