PLog: Environmental Data       |      Geological Data

PLog Environmental expands the functionality of standard PLog to provide Android or Windows Tablet based field data collection related to:

  • groundwater,
  • field chemistry,
  • water, soil and gas laboratory samples,
  • Chain of Custody, and
  • workorders

PLog eliminates data issues that are sometimes seen with

  • Duplication of Field Sample ID's within a project,
  • specification of the "Total" or "Filtered" status of water samples,
  • missing QA samples such as interlab duplicates,
  • loss of QA sample information (ie parent sample for duplicates)

To take full advantage of the Sample Planning and electronic COC capabilities in PLog Environmental the LSpecs extension for ESdat must be available.

Your ESdat distributor can provide more information on PLog, also see the Dataforensics website for more information on PLog and PLog Environmental.

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