ESdat Environmental and Groundwater Data Management Software - Canada

ESdat is an environmental data software application, used internationally, but tailored for local Canadian requirements.

Canadian Users

Canadian users include: EBA Tetra Tech, Dillon Consulting, PGL, RCGI, Marquis Aliance Energy Group, Mellenium EMS Solutions Ltd, Secure Energy Services, Monsanto, Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB), Next Environmental, Core6 Environmental, Synergy Aspen Environmental.   See an extensive user list here.

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Supported by Canadian Labs

ESdat can import your data directly from the laboratory or the field. 

Canadian laboratories that can provide the ESdat export include: Maxxam, ALS, Exova, Caro, Access & AGAT.
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Canadian Environmental Standards Available

Canadian federal and provincial environmental standards are compiled for immediate use in ESdat.  This includes the relatively complex BC CSR matrix standards, Albert Teir 2, and Ontario 4697 and 7382 to name a few.  A complete list is included at Environmental Standards.

Vancouver, Calgary based training available

With Annual visits to provide no mobilisation cost based training, as well as WebEx training, extensive tutorials and help files, and a commitment to provide the latest regulatory standards ready to use in the software, Canadian users are well supported.

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  • 100% of environmental professionals saved time when using Esdat Environmental Data Software. Over 50% of professionals achieved time savings of at least 40%.
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