Environmental Data Management Case Studies

Development of an adaptive groundwater monitoring framework to inform salinity management across the Victorian Mallee Region.

The use of ESdat Environmental Data management system by GHD to develop a groundwater monitoring framework used to create a groundwater monitoring network based on the current needs of the Mallee CMA management programs.

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Analysing and representing Downhole information on a daily basis using ESdat and Encom Discover.

GHD used ESdat to optimize data collection and analysis and minimize data handling when working with downhole data information. 3D data output was provided by Encom Discover.

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Managing Site Data and the Maintenance of Conceptual Model and Time Series Outputs at a Complex Site Over an Extended Period.

ESdat Environmental Data Management Software has been used to manage and report on large datasets generated from an investigation of groundwater contamination on an industrial facility in Adelaide. ESdat was used in managing site data and the maintenance of conceptual model and time series outputs at a complex site over an extended period.

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Environmental and Hydrogeological Data Management for Site Holders.

Many site-holders engage a variety of consultants, laboratories, and in-house staff to collect, manage, and report their environmental data. Unfortunately this often results in data being trapped in various pdf reports, excel workbooks, or even in hard copy. This data becomes increasingly difficult to manage and retrieve as more data is collected and as legislative reporting requirements become more rigorous. ESdat offers a number of solutions to this problem...

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Combining ESDAT and gINT log data for Integrated Borehole Logs and Cross- Section Data.

ESdat's connection to gINT integrates borehole logs and cross-section reporting greatly increases user productivity. This avoids duplication of data and allows users to customize the data sent to gINT or customize the gINT reports in the usual manner.

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