ESdat version 4.3 


Free ESdat upgrade for all licenced users with current  maintenance plans.

This is an opportunity for users who have requested functionality enhancements to provide comments prior to us triggering the update notifications to existing installations.

Users of the SQL Server version should contact their IT prior to running this pre-release, which will update the database schema, primarily to accomodate change auditing and to support chemistry "profiles".  A backup of the SQL Server database should always be created prior to running version changes.  The existing Version 4.2 will run against the updated database.

 Version 4.3 offers the following enhancements compared to Version 4.2

  • Create Lookup lists on the fly:

    Simply right-click on any value and select "Add to zRef_Drop_Downs" and a drop-down will be created for that field showing the value you selected.  As many values as required can be added and values are database specific.  You can still import to the zRef_Drop_Downs table using the Import functionality (the only option previously), and changes can also be made to new database templates (Access versions), or applied to "All" sites (SQLServer versions). 

  • Improved dragable labels on the inbuilt GIS

    Previous dragged labels were only stored dynamically, and the position not retained on changes of views.  Label positions are now retained and stored on a per-view basis, so you can have optimal positions for each view.

    The "Centre" or "Side" label placement options are replaced with improved initial positioning of the labels.

  • Retention of changes to label and point colours on GIS. 

    These are now automatically saved.

  • Unlimited print template options on the GIS

    You can now rename GIS print templates and have as many as you need.  They still need to end in the ".tpl" prefix and be located in a "Template Directory" as described in the help files.

  • Environmental Standards now have a legend.

    If you always have some text you want to display when an Environmental Standard is shown on a Chemistry Output Table that is now supported, and the "Description" can be entered into the zRef_Environmental_Standards_Config reference table.  The order of the standards can also be set in that table.
  • QA Report filtering

    QA reports can now be filtered by Lab Report, in addition to SDG (Sample Delivery Group) and date/time.

  • Automated edit tracking (SQL Server version)

    All edits to the data are recorded, along with associated information (user name, date/time, previous and new value).  Deletions are also recorded.  A change reporting tool is available to interrogate this information and can be launched from within ESdat to show changes for a selected record, or users can filter by date/time, user, table, or other attributes.  The change reporting tool runs through a browser and requires a intranet hosting site to be available and is licenced seperately.

    This isn't available in Access database versions as version tracking requires tools that the Access database engine doesn't support efficiently.

  • Importing in SQL Server. 

    Specification of a Site ID and Project ID no longer requires populating in the import template.  Import Templates are automatically associated with a valid Site ID and Project ID when generated.

  • Multiple Chem "Profiles" in SQL Serverer

    A Chem "Profile" refers to chemistry lookup attributes, such as output units and chem groups.  Multiple users can be looking at the same dataset similtaneously, each viewing using a different Profile.

  • gINT

    The ability to draw a cross-section on the inbuilt GIS, and transfer that section to gINT is now supported.  It does not need to traverse directly between points and points that offset can also be included.  This was already available to WinLog/WinFence users as WinLog/WinFence has it's own inbuilt map and functionality to do this.


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