Key changes to the POEO Act

The Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POEO Act) introduces the changes below to improve the way pollution incidents are reported and managed. Key changes include:

  • licensees who undertake monitoring as a result of a licence condition publish monitoring data that relates to pollution within 14 days of obtaining the data
  • licensees who maintain a website make the monitoring data available in a prominent position on the website
  • licensees who do not maintain a website provide a copy of the monitoring data to any person who requests a copy of the data at no charge
  • the data must be published in accordance with requirements issued in writing by the EPA  

Licensees using the environmental data management system ESdat are ready to comply with the new POEO Act obligations. ESdat consolidates all of your environmental data including field/ PDA/logger/ monitoring data and laboratory results into a single database. Using the inbuilt analysis and reporting tools environmental professionals can seamlessly manage, analyse and report their data in a format ready to publish online or in printed reports.

With the click of a button, ESdat users can easily meet their POEO Act reporting obligations by generating preformatted tables containing all of the information specified in the EPA Draft Environmental Guidelines (Environment Protection Authority, 2012) such as:

  • Environment protection licence number and licensee’s name
  • Date of sampling or monitoring
  • Date published
  • Sampling or monitoring location
  • Licence condition limits, Environmental guidelines and site specific guidelines
  • Units of measurement
  • Monitoring Data including Laboratory Data, Meteorological data and Statistical summaries.

ESdat also includes an extensive range of inbuilt Quality Assurance reports to assist environmental professionals quality assure and audit data prior to publication. For more information we invite you to visit our web site or contact us directly and discuss how the ESdat environmental data management system can help you meet your POEO Act obligations.

PS. Earth Science Information Systems will be demonstrating ESdat at the EcoForum Conference and Exhibition in Sydney, 7-9 March 2012.


Further relevant reading is at Environmental_Data_Management_for_Australian_Site_Holders.pdf.

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