ESdat Online Chemistry Search: A free tool to search by Chemical Name and CAS Number

A great resource for quickly and easily searching Chemical Names and their CAS Registry Numbers is now available at ESdat Online.

 Search by Chemical Name
Figure 1: Showing a search for a Chemical Name

The free tool is used to access thousands of CAS Registry Numbers and Chemical Names in a searchable format (CAS number Resource).

Chemicals can be searched either by the chemical name, e.g. Lead, or by their CAS number e.g. 1335-32-6. Where no CAS number exists for a chemical an ESDat ChemCode is available. The searchable database includes over 5500 chemical names and CAS numbers.

For each chemical name and CAS code, links to further resources are available. These include:

Search by CAS Number
Figure 2: Showing a search for a CAS Number

A short video (60s) demonstrating the ESdat Online Chemistry Search the CAS number Resource can be viewed here





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