Compare ChemCodes: Ensure your list is up to date.

Compare and match your ChemCodes with the standard ESdat list provided to laboratories.

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Onsite users however often have a set of ChemCodes in their system that have evolved and deviated from the standard set maintained by EScIS. This results in inefficiencies in the import of laboratory reports; difficulties in comparing data from different laboratories; and deviations from the ChemCodes used in the Environmental Standards compiled by EScIS. This places additional burden on Power Users in organisations who are responsible for ensuring the lab reports all import correctly.

Recent functionality available in ESdat Server allows users to automatically update their ChemCode list from the list centrally maintained by EScIS for their region. This assists all users to ensure their list is consistent with the codes that are provided for laboratories to use, and avoids adjustments needing to be made during the import process. As new ChemCodes are added (eg for PFAS) it also allows for users to efficiently add these to their system.

The ability to synch onsite systems with EScIS's standard ChemCode list is complemented by the recent release of LabSynch, which provides for lab reports to be automatically loaded into the system with no user involvement in the import or in any error resolution process.

For more information contact your ESdat support.

For people using ESdat with Access database the process is a bit more manual, see Standardising your Chemistry Lookup list in Access databases