Data Sharing

Specified data can be shared with other users, or data can be exported/imported in a variety of formats.

Provide access to all stakeholders

Multiple stakeholders may require access to a single live system that contains all environmental and geological data about a Site and/or Project.

This may be an infrastructure project that involves multiple consultancies and government departements, or a Mine site that requires access for internal staff as well as consultants.

Users can be given restricted access to view or add data for a specific project or site only so they can only view or add the data they are supposed to, without being able to access other data.

Export and Import data between systems

The ESdat Data Migration Module provides for transfer of data to/from ESdat and other systems via numerous file formats, including Excel, EDIF and others.

It also allows for Excel based ESdat Import Templates to be provided to others, populated, returned, and the data directly validated and imported.