ESdat Labsync

LabSync ensures that your laboratories reports automatically transfer from your Laboratory into your ESdat system with no user involvement. All liason with the laboratory to set this up and resolve any problems is managed by your LabSync support.

When a Lab Report is received into ESdat users simply receive a notification informing them their results are available. The Notification includes a list of any exceedances if applicable; and links to view the data in ESdat as Tables, Graphs or Maps.

Should errors be detected the Laboratory Report will be rejected and a report detailing the problem is sent back to the laboratory and your ESdat LabSync support who will work together to reissue a corrected Laboratory Report directly to your ESdat system.

This means that:

  • All your laboratory results are securely stored in the one place, not distributed in peoples email folders.
  • ESdat Users will get immediate notifications when laboratory results are available, along with flagging of any exceedances.
  • If there is a problem preventing a Laboratory Report from loading it will still be listed in ESdat and you will be able to access the laboratories PDF reports while your Laboratory and ESdat LabSync support resolve the issue and resend the report.