ESdat Online Broadens ESdat User Base

ESdat has been well established as a tool of choice for environmental consultants for over ten years. In recent years, however, ESdat has seen a surge in uptake in an increasing range of organisations, operating in the mining, energy, industry and government sectors.

Predominantly this has been driven by organisations becoming increasingly focused on retaining their data so that it is accessible to current and future staff as well as external service providers (eg Consultants). These organisations recognise that generating data is expensive and the results should be managed as a valuable resource with relevance beyond the immediate purpose.

EScIS has worked with a range of clients in 2019 to help them achieve greater control of their data and extract higher value from it. Achieving this has been facilitated through advances such as cloud hosting and the web version of ESdat.

For example, both the Australian Department of Defence and New Zealand Defence Ministry have recognised environmental site assessment and remediation data has value in informing future land use and development, and that this data needs to be easily retrievable now and into the future by internal staff as well as by consultants.

Infrastructure organisations taking control of their environmental data include the Great Northern Connect JV, CPB Contractors and Salini Impegilo in Western Australia. Each of these organisations is responsible for environmental monitoring associated with large infrastructure projects which they are delivering. Typically this would be outsourced to consultants, however, with ESdat, these organisations have streamlined their monitoring programs by taking them in-house, and providing web access to consultants where needed.

ESdat continues to deliver successful data management outcomes in the mining sector, with cloud-based solutions provided to NT Resources, Metro Mining and Stanmore Coal, and other mining groups moving their onsite ESdat systems to cloud hosting. The flexibility of ESdat Online combined with our experience in data management services have transformed the way these organisations manage and report compliance monitoring, providing significant benefits in data management efficiency, usability and integrity.




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