Grouping Chem Names

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Grouping Chem Names

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Users can choose to group Chem Names by either the


Chem Group (an internal grouping which can be customised by the user)

Laboratory Method Type included in the Lab Report (which should approximate the Suites requested on the COC)

Laboratory Method Name included in the Lab Report (the Method used by the laboratory to obtain the results)


In most circumstances reporting by Chem Group will be the appropriate solution.  You may wish to report by Method Name or Method Type when the lab reports multiple results for the same Chem Name (such as naphthalene in BTEXN and PAH).


The grouping can be selected at the top of the Chem Profiles Menu






Chem Groups can be re-ordered by using the mouse to drag and drop. Groups can be hidden from the Chem Table by deselecting the checkbox next to the Chem Group name (i.e. "Metals").


New Chem Groups (when in "Group by: Chem Group") can be added, or compounds moved to different Groups by editing the Chem Name Properties.