Chem Profiles

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Chem Profiles

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The visibility, name, order, reporting units and grouping used for compounds in the Chem Table can be set under the "Chem Profile" menu.  


ESdat can be used immediately with the "Sys Default" Profile, however this is managed by EScIS System Admins and cannot be edited by Licencee users.  In order to customise a Chem Profile, you will need to create your own.


To create a new Chem Profile, simply click the "Copy to New" button and name your new Chem Profile.  You can also choose to set this as the default Chem Profile for the current Project you are working on.




If the user is not the owner of the current Chem Profile (or an Admin user) the Edit, Save, Rename and Delete buttons won't be available, and the user will need to change to a Chem Profile they can edit, or create a new Chem Profile.




The order of the Chem Groups can be modified by dragging and dropping.  Analytes can also be moved within a Chem Group by dragging and dropping, however you can't move an analyte to a different Chem Group using this method.


Individual analytes, or complete Chem Groups can be hidden in the Chem Table (or "turned off") by deselecting the check-box next the the item you want to hide.


Analyte specific reporting details can be viewed by clicking on the pencil button next to the Chem Name.  This allows you to edit the the following:





The Name to be used for the compound in the current Profile.


The abbreviation which can be used in Map outputs.

Chem Group:

The chem grouping for that compound, if users are grouping by the Chem Group option.


An integer indicating the relative position of the Chem Name within the Chem Group.  This number is adjusted automatically when dragging and dropping.

Output Units:

The units in which the results will be output.  It is possible to view multiple Lab Reports which have Reported in different units as all results will be converted to the selected unit.