Chem Table Layout

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Chem Table Layout

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The Chem Table Layout allows you to manage a series of different table layouts and formatting options that can be quickly applied to a table by choosing it from the list.




ESdat can be used immediately with the "Sys Default" Layout, however this is managed by EScIS System Admins and cannot be edited by Licencee users.  In order to customise the Layout, you will need to create your own.


To create a new Layout, simply click the "Copy to New" button and name your new Layout.  You can also choose to set this as the default Layout for the current Project you are working on.




Once you have created a new Layout and selected it, any modifications you make can be saved to the Layout.


Changes you make to the following sections can be saved to the Layout:


 Env Standards


 Sample Information






 Excel Export


The Chem Table is automatically refreshed as you make changes to any of the Layout options.  If you are planning on making several changes, you can disable the automatic refresh by clicking the pause button clip4076.  Hit the play button clip4075 to resume refreshing the table.