Chemistry Table

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Chemistry Table

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The Chemistry Table shows the lab results against the compounds tested.


Environmental Standards can be applied and exceedances highlighted. Data qualifiers and comments can be added with reference displayed in the results cell. The design of the Report provides great flexibility for adjusting the layout of data, compounds and groupings.


The main sections of the Chemistry Table are shown below.


1.The table menu.

The Chemistry Table is structured in panels which comprise:

2.Grouping of the compounds. Compounds can be grouped by Chem Group, Method Type and Method Name.

3.The compounds tested. These can be displayed horizontally or vertically when exported to Excel.

4.Environmental Standards.

5.Sample Information for lab results.  These can be set and ordered in the Sample Information menu.

6.Statistics Reporting on the results (these are shown by default but can be hidden).

7.Result details & comments are available, click on the button to expand.