Getting Started

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Getting Started

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Welcome to ESdat Online!


ESdat Online is a cloud-based system for collating and reporting environmental data.


The most popular ESdat Online feature allows rapid management and reporting of laboratory results in ESdat format.


The steps listed below will help new users start to import laboratory results.



Adding Lab Reports


Each ESdat Online account has a dedicated ESdat LabSync email address for automatically receiving, validating, and processing ESdat format Lab Reports.  This is given under Licencee Management - Details - LabSync email.  See Licencee Details for more details.


Simply ask your laboratory to send your results in ESdat format to your LabSync email address to start using ESdat.


A list of laboratories that can provide ESdat format is provided here, and specifications for new laboratories to use are here.


In ESdat Online, laboratory data is organised by Project. If the Project ID accompanying the Lab Report matches a Project ID in ESdat the Lab Report will automatically import into that Project.  


If you don't already have any Projects set up or the Project ID accompanying the Lab Report doesn't match a Project ID in ESdat the Lab Report will be available under Lab Uploads on the home page, and users can specify a new or existing Project for the Lab Report to be imported into.


More information on creating and managing Projects can be found here.


For viewing Lab Report data see Laboratory Reports



Lab Report Validation


As part of the import process, ESdat Online validates that the files supplied by the laboratory conform with the ESdat format.


Occasionally an error may be present in a Lab Report (such as text in a numerical field, or a missing essential element).


Where errors are detected ESdat Online generates a detailed error report, describing the problem.  This error report is sent automatically to the Laboratory as well as your ESdat Admin Users and Project Managers (if the laboratory report matches a Project in ESdat):



Environmental Standards


ESdat has many regulatory guidelines already loaded.  See importing and managing Environmental Standards for requesting additional standards or uploading your own.



Refine Templates


Things to consider setting up prior to using ESdat for large volumes of data include:


Company Details (including Logo)

Create Projects (required to import Lab Reports)

Add Locations (required to utilise mapping features)

Create Chemistry Table Layouts, and Excel templates



Create Users


To create new users go to Licencee Management and select Users.


Users can be created either as Standard or Admin users.


Users can be assigned to Projects and given different permissions, from Read Only up to Project Manager.  Only Admin users can create new Projects.


More details on creating users can be found here.



User Forum


Need help?  An actively monitored User Forum is available for users to ask questions and clarify functionality.


Introductory and Power User Training is also available.  Check our website for more details.