Lab Uploads

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Lab Uploads

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A dedicated email address will have been created for receiving Lab Reports. A list of all emails sent to this email address can be viewed in Lab Uploads which allows you to track and process error messages.





Lab Reports that have been successfully processed and imported will be indicated by a green tick.

Lab Reports with unresolved issues have a red cross and can be reviewed and processed by clicking the “Details & Actions” button which allows you to respond to the laboratory, or process the Lab Report by completing the following tasks depending on the error:


Create Project and Import Lab Report - if a corresponding Project does not exist in ESdat, a new one can be created and the lab report imported.


Import Lab Report to other Project - if the Lab Report is referencing the incorrect Project ID, it can be reassigned to the correct Project and processed.


Reject and Import Lab Report - if the Lab Report is a reissue, but the lab has not updated the Date Reported, the original Lab Report will be rejected and the new version imported.