Projects and Sites

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Projects and Sites

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Admin and Scheduler users have access to the Projects & Sites menu.




Data in ESdat is organised in relation to Projects and Sites.



The Project is the primary identifier for data in ESdat.  A Project typically represents a stage of work (such as groundwater monitoring, dust monitoring, etc), however is quite flexible and can be adopted in many different ways to best represent your data or organisational structure.  


All data imported into ESdat, such as Lab Reports or field measurements, must be associated with a Project.



Sites can best be described as the "containers" for the physical attributes related to your Projects, such as monitoring Locations and Wells.  Typically, a Site will be a single facility, such as a service station or construction site, or a larger area, such as a landfill or mine site.


Sites can be shared between multiple Projects (and vice-versa), which means a single monitoring Location (such as a groundwater monitoring well) can be utilised by multiple Projects, facilitating better temporal and spatial analysis of your data.





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