Geology, Borehole & Groundwater

ESdat provides a full workflow solution for loading borehole, geology and groundwater data from the desktop or the field, and analysing and reporting bore logs, groundwater graphs and other outputs.

Electronic Bore Logging

pLog provides tablet based bore logging for geological professionals who want a full electronic data flow from the field to the report.

pLog operates offline and runs on Toughbooks, Samsung Galaxy, or other common Android Tablets.

  • Works in the rain
  • Faster data collection
  • Comprehensive Borehole, Geology, and Groundwater data
  • Configurable to your own preferences
  • Consistent dropdown descriptions or text overwrite
  • Eliminates data re-entry in the office
  • Eliminates transcription errors
  • Synches data to ESdat from the field

Report Ready Logs

Data collected in PLog in the field, or uploaded in the office using the ESdat Data Migration Manager automatically appears on report-ready bore logs in ESdat's ESlog export.

Bore Log Software

Contact your ESdat Support for a full electronic workflow, configuration, training and reporting package.

ESlog is also available for free when used by itself (ie without ESdat or PLog). Simply start entering your data via the browser at