ESdat is a specialist environmental database system; used to validate, import analyze and report a broad spectrum of Environmental Data.

ESdat Overview

ESdat is widely used in mining, government, landfill, industry and consultancies. ESdat provides organisations with confidence their data is well organised and can be efficiently retrieved and analysed.

ESdat Online delivers a highly cost effective and efficient approach to store your ongoing monitoring data.

ESdat Server is a dedicated cloud or onsite instance of ESdat Online that can be extended to meet enterprise requirements.

ESdat Includes functionality for:

    Field Programs. LSPECS provides electronic field program management, oversight and Chain of Custody. It uploads plans to the ESdat Field App for offline data collection.

    Bore Logging, Geology & Groundwater. ESdat provides a full workflow solution for loading borehole, geology and groundwater data from the desktop or the field, and analysing and reporting the data as bore logs and groundwater graphs.

    Laboratory Integration. Automated Electronic Chain of Custody, Result Validation, Import and Exceedance Detection.

    Logger Data. LoggerSync allows ESdat to receive live data from data loggers, such as weather, groundwater or flow loggers.

    Public Portals. The ESdat Public Portal provides a simple map interface to share data with non-technical members of the public.

    A variety of other options for the collection and reporting of environmental, geological, borehole or specialist data.