Laboratory Integration

ESdat is the only global platform that offers centralised Onboarding, Accreditation and Quality Monitoring of environmental laboratory data exchange.

This means that when you use ESdat you can trust the data will upload automatically and without error, or if there is an error it will be looked into and resolved on your behalf.

If you need to use a laboratory that doesn't yet integrate with ESdat simply put them in touch with your support contact. All liason with the laboratory to set up their integration, resolve any problems, and to monitor ongoing for errors is managed by ESdat support and the automated ESdat LabSync™ quality checks for no additional charge.

The laboratories listed below integrate with ESdat:


  • Access
  • AGAT
  • ALS
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Caro
  • Element
  • Exova
  • Paracel
  • RPC
  • SGS


  • Accutest
  • AirToxics
  • ALS
  • Alpha Analytical Labs
  • Apex
  • Columbia Analytical Services
  • ESN
  • Eurofins Test America
  • Pace Labs
  • Phoenix Environmental Laboratories
  • SGS
  • York Analytical Laboratories

SE Asia

  • ALS Singapore
  • ALS Malaysia
  • TestAmerica / NCALABS Thailand


  • ALS
  • ChemTest
  • Cawood
  • ChemTech Environmental
  • i2 Analytical
  • Jones Forensics
  • Severn Trent Services


  • EnviroLab
  • ALS
  • AAA
  • SGS
  • Eurofins
  • ARL
  • TAS
  • NMI
  • ChemCentre, WA
  • Forensic and Analytical Science Service, NSW

New Zealand

  • Hill Laboratories
  • Analytica Laboratories Ltd
  • Eurofins
  • AsureQuality