Sync your ChemCodes and Environmental Standards with ESdat Online

Organisations with their own installation of ESdat manage ChemCodes and Environmental Standards themselves using the lists published on the ESdat website. As new ChemCodes are added to the Standard List (e.g. PFAS) Power Users needed to add these and any related Environmental Standards to their system.

With ESdat Server 3.6, this is made much easier, in that Power Users can automatically "Compare" their lists with the Standard ESdat lists to see any entries that are missing, different or extra; and can automatically sync or import from the Standard lists.

The Standard lists are stored in ESdat Online, a Cloud implementation of ESdat that runs through the browser and hosts Accounts for numerous clients. With so many clients using ESdat Online with such a variety of lab and field data, EScIS can rapidly identify if any gaps are present or if improvements are needed.

"Having a central library of ChemCodes and Environmental Standards that is continuously being used in real time by all ESdat Online users, and that onsite users can easily compare their own lists against largely eliminates issues with ChemCodes during import and encourages consistency. This results in greater efficiency and more reliable import of laboratory data and identification of exceedances for onsite installations."

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