User Testimonials

Users Comments on ESdat Include:

  • "It’s definitely one of those situations where we are wondering why we didn’t get it years ago." 
    (360 Environmental)

  • "Its simple, efficient and easy to learn." 
    (Hamish Campbell, ERM)

  • "Good for large volumes of laboratory results." 
    (Tom Madill, Tonkin & Taylor)

  • "ESDAT allows me to produce chemical tables and statistical analysis charts with a few clicks of the mouse and has made the management of sample data as easy as it could possibly be." 
    (Ian Oneacre, Groundwater Solutions)

  • "I don’t feel swamped by all the data we have. I feel its all organized and easily available, I’m in control of it."  
    (ERM, Associate / Team Leader)

  • "In contrast to the expense and years of frustration previously incurred trying (and failing) to implement an alternative environmental data management solution; ESdat was operational and being actively used on projects after only two days of training. This is all the more impressive as the majority of the active users have no prior data management expertise or experience. "

    “The decision to purchase the ESdat software including the LSpec Sample Planning Module and PLog is already generating a return on our initial investment through the efficient interrogation and reporting of geo-environmental data."
    (Shaun McKenna, Tata Steel)

  • "for one of my landfills I had to go back to the old way of doing things – what a mission! Esdat is much better." 

  • " Ease of use, generic/flexible, standard platforms (Access/SQL Server), support" 
    (Luke Cameron, Golder Associate's)

  • "Quick and easy tables and dataset overview, great QA help." 
    (Yvonne Binai, GHD)

  • "We are very happy, we are looking to integrate it (ESdat) more across our company and standardize our systems."  

  • "Ability to pick up guideline exceedances automatically"
    (Belle Casement, Senversa)

  • "It’s a great tool, I would like to use it more but they keep sending me into the field."

  • "The cost of this is peanuts spread across the offices."

  • "The training you provided on Friday was excellent, using the ESdat software will certainly help me and my colleagues in the presentation and analysis of large and even small projects."
    (Coffey Environments)

  • "They use ESdat where I used to work … we needed a system we could use immediately and which the labs supported."
    (GHD, Principal / EPA Appointed Contaminated Sites Auditor)

  • "On behalf of -----, thanks for all your help and support over this year! It’s always greatly appreciated to have responsive help service when using new software."
    (Golder Associates) 

  • "Everyone is very happy so far with (the) database - we have all uploaded data and graphed to our hearts content - it makes our job that much easier. Thank you."
    (Landfill operator)

  • Important features include: "Time savings, especially for long-running sites (historical data). Reduction of errors (no transcription)."
     (Amy Smith, Parsons Brinckerhoff)

  • "I like that I don't have to go through the data to find Guidelines exceedances."
    (Ryan Baxter, EBA Engineering)

  • "Accuracy of data."
    (Tho Tran, OTEK)

  • "ESdat is working very well for us. We are impressed with the system and the level of support."
    (Golder Associates, Principal / EPA Appointed Contaminated Sites Auditor)

  • "Laboratory reporting formats/QA/QC/TIME SAVING "
    (Cameron Kay, Golder Associates)

  • "Generate chem data and borelogs within minutes. Provides a data base of all lab reports for each job "
    (James Coley, FMG Engineering)

  • "ESDAT is working great, and saving us a lot of time in analyzing contaminated lands data, were are giving it our run now with some hydro data now which is going well."

  • "Love your work."
    (Noel Arnold)