Why use ESdat?

Single data repository

ESdat consolidates all data into a single database that everyone can access, so it's easy to locate & easy to use.

Easy Data Input

Ready to go data input from the field, laboratory and data loggers means it's easy to get data loading into the software.


Environmental data continually comes from field devices, laboratories or data loggers. The same checks need to be performed repeatedly:

  • QA Checks
    • completeness
    • sampling issues
    • analysis issues

  • Exceedance / Compliance checks
    • Email Exceedance Notifications

  • Analysis and Reporting
    • Tables
    • Graphs
    • Maps
    • Statistics

ESdat automates all these tasks, eliminating the time required to do it manually and allowing professionals to focus on assessing the data.  In a survey most users saved over 40% of their office time working with their data (see User Survey).

Accuracy & Reliability

Manual data management involves extensive cutting and pasting, which is tedious, error prone, and has no tracability. 

ESdat imports data automatically, storing the original data and tracking any edits so users can have confidence in the data they are using.

Combining new and old data.

Graphs, Tables, Maps and Statistics need to be continually updated.

ESdat generates all these outputs and more live from the underlying database and ready to report.

Easy to share data among users/organizations

ESdat provides a single, live, and easy to use data repository for all stakeholders to access.

Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Many site holders have a regulatory obligation to be able to access their environmental data quickly, easily, accurately, and demonstrate an audit process to confirm the accuracy of that data.  ISO 14001 also requires organizations to have systems in place to manage their data.

ESdat can store a complete audit trail of the data, including the Certified Laboratory Certificate of Analysis, Calibration Certificates, and others, as well as tracking edits and deletions through the Change Tracker. If your systems are audited you can be confident your environmental data has full tracability.