ESdat Case Studies

Helping DOE&E protect Australia's pristine environments

The SSB manages one of Australia's most extensive historical environmental monitoring data sets, dating back over 40 years, with ongoing research and monitoring continuing to expand this data set. SSB previously held a single ESdat Desktop licence for the management of a subset of data, but saw the potential for a broader implementation of ESdat.

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Metro Mining - Award winning mining group adopts ESdat

Metro conducts surface water and groundwater environmental monitoring to meet operating licence conditions, as well as drinking water and sewage treatment analysis. Metro approached EScIS seeking a centralised data collection/storage solution, enabling visibility of data trends to guide and assess corrective actions.

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Mud Environmental - a boutique environmental consultancy using ESdat Online

Mud Environmental is a boutique environmental consulting business that wanted the best available workflow and processes while staff work at a variety of locations (and often from home).

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Shoalhaven Council Aquadata Public Portal.

Aquadata is a web-portal providing greatly enhanced community access to the results of water quality monitoring completed by Shoalhaven City Council.

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Cristal Mining extends ESdat Usage

Since 2014, EScIS and Cristal have worked together to implement the ESdat EDMS to simplify the capture, management and reporting of environmental data.

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Eurofins: Streamlining Landfill Environmental Monitoring

Eurofins has adopted the ESdat Lab Portal to directly publish laboratory results for landfill operators.

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NZ Department of Defence manage their contaminated sites data.

The NZ Department of Defence has adopted ESdat to manage their contaminated sites data. Consultants Pattle Delamore Partners have also adopted ESdat to streamline their data management.

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Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Resources

To inform sound environmental management decisions, DPIR requires ready access to quality-controlled environmental data through an Environmental Data Management System (EDMS). To maintain updated technology DPIR required an EDMS system upgrade.

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Groundwater and surface water data management at MMG, Rosebury

Efficient management of the large monitoring data set is paramount given licence conditions imposed on the mine. Confidence in the data accuracy is crucial in forming the basis for interpretation and subsequent operational decisions. MMG has adopted an Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) comprising the following ‘off-the-shelf’ components produced and supplied by Earth Science Information Systems

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GHD uses ESdat in development of an adaptive groundwater monitoring framework to inform salinity management across the Victorian Mallee Region.

The use of ESdat Environmental Data management system by GHD to develop a groundwater monitoring framework used to create a groundwater monitoring network based on the current needs of the Mallee CMA management programs.

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GHD integrates Encom Discover with ESdat for analyzing and representing 3D downhole information.

GHD used ESdat to optimize data collection and analysis and minimize data handling when working with downhole data information. 3D data output was provided by Encom Discover.

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ERM: Managing Site Data and maintenance a Conceptual Model and Time Series Outputs at a Complex Site Over an Extended Period.

ERM used ESdat to manage and report on large datasets generated from an investigation of groundwater contamination on an industrial facility in Adelaide. ESdat was used in managing site data and time series outputs at a complex site over an extended period and integrated with EVS for automated updating and refinement of the 3D conceptual model of the site.

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