Field Planning and Data Collection

Field Data Capture is more than the entering data on a device; it's planning what is going to be collected; scheduling and allocating the work; data collection, storage, analysis and reporting.

LSPECS provides a comprehensive platform for all stages of large or recurring field programs: increasing efficiency, reducing administration time (and therefore cost), and reducing the potential for mistakes.



Program managers design, delegate and electronically manage field programs:

  • Define Sampling Locations
  • Provide Field Instructions
  • Specify Laboratory Analyses and Containers
electronic field data collection



Define the frequency (Monthly, Quarterley, Annual etc..) of the sampling and receive automated notifications.

In the Field

View the Plan electronically in the field and collect:

  • Observations
  • Photos
  • Chemistry
  • Groundwater Levels
  • Additional customised information

The ESdat Field App works offline and can work on any phone, tablet or laptop

electronic field data collection


Review and Reporting

Field data is immediately ready for:

  • Online review by Management
  • Refine your eCOC
  • Send your eCOC to the lab
  • Match Lab Samples to Field Information
  • Report field data directly to PDF or Excel reports
electronic field data collection
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